About Handwerker-Winburne


When opportunities to capture prices of high value are presented, we seek out the highest prices with reputable buyers that can perform on contracts.  The contracts are written by our company, not the buyers, to ensure that the producer is in control of the terms.  The contracts terms include the retention of government payments for the account of the producer, defined differences for qualities, and defined terms of performance for the grower/buyer.  HWI has long standing relationships with a large pool of reputable buyers and works with all to find the best price for your cotton.  This means that not only can a grower capture these values but rest assured that the buyer will be able to perform when cotton is ginned and available to be converted to cash.  Payment terms are prompt upon receiving documentation needed to invoice. 

When market conditions aren't as favorable as they are currently, we can leverage the government price support mechanisms to advise and maximize returns to the farm.  These include the Farm Bill support mechanisms of the government loan, loan deficiency payments, and counter cyclical payments.

Handwerker-Winburne, Inc. is an active member of the Western Cotton Shippers Association, the American Cotton Shippers Association, and the National Cotton Council.

Why growers do business with HWI:

  • Large pool of buyers that demand the highest prices for every grade of cotton
  • Prompt and Transparent contracts and payment terms
  • Advise and help growers maximize Government Price Support programs (Farm Bill)
  • Detailed market information
  • History and Knowledge of Arizona grown cotton
  • Low overhead